Awair Spotlight: Jennifer Young

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December 20, 2016

We're always hearing amazing stories about Awair's impact. We got the chance to talk to professional photographer Jennifer Young and she shared her experience. Read her story below.

(Photo taken by Ben Blood)

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

"Hi there! I’m Jennifer Young, a lifestyle and portrait photographer living in Brooklyn, NY and working bi-coastally between New York and LA. I love yoga, exploring new places, finding good food in whatever city I’m in, good design, and New York City!"

What are your thoughts on Awair?

"I love the clean design of Awair and that it can help with increasing productivity or getting better sleep. Awair is a modern tool to help you monitor your air quality to create a healthier living environment."      


How do you use your Awair? What problem did it help you fix?

"I’ve been using my Awair in my apartment during the day to try and boost my productivity. Awair helped me realize that there are really high dust levels in my apartment here in NYC. I haven’t quite fixed it yet, but I now know that I need to find a high quality air purifier and get a HEPA vacuum."

What's your favorite preference mode?

"Increased productivity! I’m working most of the day in my apartment and need all the help I can get to be productive. Thanks Awair!"

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