How UK-Based UNITY® Technology Uses Awair for Smart Home Clients

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April 7, 2021

We recently interviewed UK-based Residential & Commercial Technology Integrator, UNITY® Technology, to learn more about their company and their unique perspective on ways to use and integrate with Awair.

Originally established in 2004 as an IT consultancy based in London's Kensington district, UNITY® was created to offer design, installation, and aftercare of integrated residential and commercial technology systems.  Their work includes Home Automation, Smart Homes, AV, and extends to commercial offices, restaurants, shops, hotels, exhibition spaces, and beyond.

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How are you using Awair for your clients? 

We are currently using Awair products for 24/7 monitoring of the air quality and pollutant levels in the home. We were looking for a go-to solution for a couple of years that met our requirements, that we could confidently use in our smart-home projects to integrate and display this data into our systems, and also implement air quality improvement features that could be triggered and automated by the data provided in different zones fo the home or building. It's just what we were looking for!

What features most help you sell Awair to your clients?

Awair Element’s powerful insights into the air quality around us. Its ease of use, clearly presented information to the end-user, and its affordability. Not to mention the Element looks gorgeous!

What's the best application of Awair's IAQ data that you have seen?  

Well, If I’m honest, our own application; whereby Awair devices are used as a vital source of data by which other powerful automations are triggered and managed in the smart-home systems we design for our clients. I imagine in the future that we may dive deeper into what Awair can offer regarding air quality analytics in relation to BMS, cloud-based services, and other deployable solutions like the Awair Omni.

Do you use Awair at home? 

Absolutely all the time! Actually can’t imagine being at home without it now.

How has Awair impacted your life? 

It has opened our eyes to the importance of knowing what’s going on with the air in the places we spend the most time in. It has also opened up a world of possibilities with regards to IAQ improvements that can be made thanks to having the data continually and easily presented to use by Awair.


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