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Boost your business by sharing confidence in the air

Has your business re-opened?
Sharing your indoor air data helps both customers and work feel secure in your establishment and shows that you're invested in health and safety.
Customers get peace of mind knowing the air at your establishment is safe, real-time or before they decide to go inside.
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Reassurance, in advance
10:45 AM
I visited a grocery store that shared their data via Awair Spaces. A simple URL allowed me to check the air in real time.
11:15 AM
I shared this location’s air with my neighborhood community, and they appreciated knowing the store’s air is well managed.
2:30 PM
After shopping, I stopped for a pick me up and meet a friend. I was able to check the cafe’s CO2 and VOCs levels before visiting the store.
6:15 PM
When searching for a place for lunch, we noticed an Awair sticker at  in the window. The restaurant shared air info to the public and I quickly found them in my Awair App.
While re-opening for business, and beyond, business owners can share how they are managing for safety.
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Reassuring Customers to Return
Real-time detection
Monitoring every 10 seconds gives you a real time picture of your air quality, you can detect changes in air quality as they actually happen.
Worthy of sharing
My willingness to provide a safe and healthy space goes beyond air, but this is one way to share the data with my customers.
Flexible and affordable
Installation is easy and I can find an installation option for my business - from Wifi, PoE,  LoRa, Bacnet and, wall mounted or desk mounted.
Integrated solutions
Enterprise API can easily be set up to feed information into a BMS or HVAC system, in order to give you a smart building.
Employees receive actionable insights to improve the air at the moment it matters.
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Informed staff can ensure safety
Empower employees
Real-time data enables employees to fix issues the moment they occur. Monitoring CO2 can help ensure safe occupancy levels; high PM2.5 or VOCs can be a signal to ventilate or use air filters
Make a difference
Data trends over time can help you optimize your ventilation or learn about issues that can be easily addressed. If VOCs spike after cleaning, you can ensure safe ventilation.
Improve Performance
Ensuring IAQ can improve productivity, reduce absenteeism , and also help with overall well=being.
Be a place people want to work
Happy employees are the best recruiting tools.
Case Study
Numerous businesses are using Awair Omni and the Awair Dashboard  in order to ensure safer experiences for workers and employees. A few partners are below.
Philz Coffee
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Whole Foods
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Track the Invisible
Omni tracks 7 key environmental factors that affect your health.
Cold temperatures can suppress the immune system and aid the spread of viruses.
Set a notification, so you can adjust your thermostat, or add a trigger for this to happen automatically.
Too much or too little moisture leads to cold, flu symptoms, and risk for toxic mold.
You can set alerts so that you know when to turn on a dehumidifier to keep your space safe.
Indoor exposure to carbon dioxide can impair performance and decision-making.
When you notice CO2 is high, you may want to reduce occupants in a  room or open a window
Toxic chemicals can be found in everyday materials. They can cause skin and respiratory irritation.
If TVOCs spike, you can improve ventilation or open a window to improve your IAQ.
Particulate Matter (PM2.5) can travel into our lungs and trigger health problems like asthma and allergies.
Using an air filter and ensuring HVAC air filters are clean can help mitigate for exposure.
Noise can negatively impact cognition, mood, and productivity, especially in open office spaces or school settings.
Providing noise-cancelling headphones, adding carpeting, or providing quiet zones can help.
Too much or too little lighting can cause physical discomfort, errors, and energy inefficiency.
Understanding light patterns can help improve building energy savings.
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With Awair, it’s easy to understand and manage IAQ. You just need to know and share Your Air data.  For those Nervous to Know Their IAQ, Awair shows how easy and Inexpensive it can be to improve It.
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