March 29, 2016

People are using Awair everyday, constantly improving their quality of life and overall well-being. Ken, one of our valued Awair users, recently synced up with us to explain how Awair has changed his life.

Tell us a bit about yourself, and what inspired you to purchase an Awair?

“Well, I live and work out of my basement unit apartment located in the great city of Chicago. I’ve purchased a heat exchanger, a heat recovery exchanger, a heat recovery ventilator to manage my volatile organic compounds (VOC’s ) and CO2, as well as carbon monoxide and humidity sensors. So as you can tell, air quality is very important to me. Also, I’m really into IoT devices, and Awair seemed like an awesome device aesthetically as well as functionally for my home.”

How did you hear about us?

“I was looking for a smart device to improve my home’s air situation. There were companies like Foobot and Netamo that caught my attention, but none of them had the all inclusive capabilities that I was looking for like Awair offers.”

How do you use your Awair on a daily basis, and how has it helped you?

“My Awair is placed in the middle of my home between two bedrooms and one bathroom. I actually purchased a few plants that were recommended to me by Awair to improve my home’s air quality, and they have definitely helped! I’ve also used it in the past to see if my kitchen air vents were properly functioning.”

What do you love about your Awair?

“There are so many wonderful aspects that I love about Awair. I’m really into knowing my home’s VOC and CO2 levels, and Awair does a wonderful job presenting that to me. I think the Awair Score is an awesome feature too, since it gives me an overall rating for my home’s air quality. It’s also great that Awair can gather its data regardless of whether or not my smartphone is on. Obviously it’s a beautifully designed product, and I’m even keeping the box since I like it so much. Oh, and thank you for the kind note you sent with my Awair! It’s nice to receive that sort of customer attention.”

Do you have any suggestions as to how we can continue to improve Awair?

“I had a minor issue when it came to connecting my Awair to my Wi-Fi, but got it to work pretty quickly. Also, as someone who studied Physics in college, I’m really into data and information, so I think it would be cool to add more data capabilities, such as exporting. Lastly, It will be really great if Awair can integrate with Smartthings platform. Overall, I’m very pleased with the product, and can’t wait to see its progression.”

Ken is just one of our many excited Awair users that is benefiting from clean air every day. Interested in learning more and getting your hands on your own Awair? Check us out at , or feel free to send us a message at We’d love to chat!

Stay Awair!