How Brittney Uses Her Awair

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April 14, 2016

People are using Awair everyday, constantly improving their quality of life and overall well-being. Brittney, one of our beloved Awair users, recently synced up with us to explain how Awair has changed her life.

Tell us a bit about yourself, and what inspired you to purchase an Awair?

“I work for a company called Building Link, which provides residential businesses with our awesome management software. We are currently focused on creating more intelligently aware buildings with smart devices and sensor integrations. As residential experts, we understand exactly how important air quality is to working and living conditions, so finding a smart air quality monitor was one of our first priorities for our clients, as well as ourselves. We initially were intrigued by Speck, which tests for fine dust particles, but we quickly realized it doesn’t measure all the other air quality information that we need. That’s when we found Awair, and let me just say, the way you guys put together your product is simply phenomenal! I mean, the level of detail Awair offers about our air quality is absolutely amazing.”

How do you use your Awair on a daily basis, and how has it helped you?

“I was appointed our office’s gadget tester, so I definitely use Awair a ton. Our Awair is placed pretty high up by my cubicle, located in the center of the office. We have it set to Productivity Mode, and I’m constantly checking the device to make sure our numbers are at optimal conditions. Our Awair Score is normally between 80–84. The one category we always need help with, which brings down the Awair Score, is our humidity level. Thankfully, Awair offers a variety of solutions to improve our humidity situation, that we don’t ever feel affected by it. I also use Awair’s suggestions at home all the time, especially at night when I’m sleeping. Whenever my home’s air is dry, I always place huge bowls of water around my room (as recommended by Awair), to increase the air’s moisture, and allow for a much more comfortable sleep.”

What do you love about your Awair?

“I love the suggestions that Awair offers to help improve not only my quality of air, but my quality of life. When I’m in the office, Awair will remind me that it’s a beautiful day outside, and that I should go for a walk to help clear my mind, as well as improve my productivity. When I’m at home, and feel that I have itchy eyes, or an uncomfortably dry throat, I follow Awair’s instructions on how to improve whatever it might be that’s causing these physical conditions, and they always work! It’s just incredible to see how helpful Awair can be on an everyday basis.”

How would you describe Awair to your friend?

“Awair is a super easy visual way to understand the quality of the air surrounding you. But, it’s more than just quality of air. Awair looks to improve your health in the most positive ways at all times. The beauty of Awair is that it shows you what our eyes cannot see, and that’s special.”

Do you have any suggestions as to how we can continue to improve Awair?

“It would be really cool if we had a weeklong and monthlong timeline of the data that we’re collecting, so that we could potentially see trends in our air quality in the office, and understand why they might be occurring. Other than that, we absolutely love Awair!”

Brittney is just one of our many excited Awair users that is benefiting from clean air every day. Interested in learning more and getting your hands on your own Awair? Check us out at, or feel free to send us a message at We’d love to chat!