Introducing Floor Plan for the Awair Dashboard

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August 6, 2018

In many cases, visualizing a project is one of the most effective steps to reach a solution. In the spirit of growing the Awair for Business experience, we're proud to announce the launch of our latest feature: Floor Plan.

Floor Plan is a feature on the Awair Dashboard that allows you to easily locate and manage all Awair devices throughout your space from the perspective of your project's floor plan.

Getting started with this update is simple: upload a blueprint or map of your project's floor plan and the Awair Dashboard will provide you with a list of the Awair devices on your account. Easily drag and drop each device to its respective location in your building--once the device is placed on your floor plan it will provide you with its color-coded, real-time air quality readings.

Use the new Floor Plan feature to quickly identify problem areas to understand the source of any air quality issues. If you have any questions about Floor Plan or the Awair Dashboard, please feel free to reach out to