Introducing Awair Omni

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February 20, 2018

We're proud to announce the launch of our latest solution, Awair Omni.

Poor office air quality can reduce productivity and profit by up to $15,500 per employee per year.

Awair Omni tracks the quality of your indoor air and lets you know the moment your air quality is unsafe or unhealthy. Omni is designed specifically for business and maintains Awair’s focus on elegant aesthetics while providing the features and benefits you need to help your business thrive.

Omni identifies the five key factors that affect your air quality: chemicals (VOCs), dust (PM2.5), carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity.

Use Omni to:


Omni tracks toxins and chemicals in your air and lets you know the moment your air quality is unhealthy or unproductive.


View all of your devices in one place, access real-time readings, and allow our color coding to help you understand your air quality at a glance.


View historical data and compare device readings to troubleshoot air quality (IAQ) issues, source problems, and control your air quality solutions.


Organize your devices into groups and manage devices for multiple clients. Control privacy settings to allow your clients to see only their data.

Awair Omni is managed via the Awair Dashboard. This dashboard is designed for you to monitor multiple Omni units in one simple, easy-to-use portal. You’ll also have access to trends and advanced analytics.

Get a risk-free trial and learn how you can achieve a healthy and safe environment for your employees.