Introducing Awair Glow C

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July 23, 2019

We’re excited to introduce Awair Glow C, our latest air quality monitoring solution! Glow C monitors toxic chemicals (VOCs), temperature, and humidity levels in your space and gives you greater insight and control over your air quality. 

Automate Your Air Quality

In addition to monitoring your air quality, Glow C can also help you resolve air quality issues when they occur. Simply plug your air purifier, humidifier, dehumidifier, fan, or heater into the smart plug and Glow C will automatically turn the device on or off based on your custom triggers.


Customize Light and Motion Settings

In the Awair app, choose from hundreds of LED light colors and customize your motion sensor settings to transform your Glow C into a smart night light.

Ambient Light

Tailor Feedback to Fit Your Interests

Whether it’s getting better sleep, reducing indoor allergy symptoms, or simply protecting your health, Awair has you covered. In the Awair app, you can customize your Awair Interests, settings, and triggers to fit your preferences.


Gain Insight and Guidance

Receive actionable feedback, custom recommendations, and air quality alerts on your smartphone based on your current air quality status and preferences.


Why monitor chemicals?

Contrary to popular belief, indoor air tends to be more polluted than the outdoor air of even the busiest cities. That’s largely due to the fact that common building materials and household products emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which accumulate in a closed environment. Things such as mattresses, paint, cleaning products, furniture, building materials, and clothes are all potential sources of VOC pollution. Because this pollution is invisible, most people aren’t aware that they’re breathing unhealthy air and don’t properly ventilate their space or address indoor air pollution at its source. 

VOCs can have a wide range of health effects. Moderate levels of exposure can cause headaches, fatigue, allergic skin reactions, eye and throat irritation, and other symptoms that can affect comfort, concentration, and productivity. Higher concentrations have also been associated with more severe health consequences such as cognitive impairment, overworked liver and kidneys, and even cancer. Monitoring indoor VOC levels will help you understand how the products you introduce into your home affect your air quality and empower you to resolve issues when they arise.

Why track indoor temperature and humidity levels?

Although temperature and humidity aren’t pollutants, they have a significant impact on our health, comfort, and productivity. Humidity levels between 40 and 50 percent are considered optimal. When humidity rises or falls outside of this range, it can aggravate respiratory and skin conditions and cause a variety of adverse health symptoms. Maintaining humidity within this recommended range can also minimize the growth and spread of mold, viruses, and bacteria in your environment.

Like humidity, temperature levels impact our health in a measurable way. The optimal temperature range for an indoor environment is between 64.4ºF and 77ºF (18 to 25ºC), plus or minus a few degrees depending on your personal preferences. When temperature moves outside of this healthy range, it affects your productivity and sleep quality. In addition, very high heat can increase the amount of VOCs that are released into your air from indoor pollution sources. 

Live Healthier and Breathe Easier

Is the air in your home truly healthy? Will opening a window improve your asthma and eczema symptoms? Should you consider buying a humidifier, dehumidifier, or fan? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed if you don’t have the tools to understand and alter your environment. 

When it comes to air quality, knowledge is power. Glow C can help you take control of your health and the air you breathe. To learn more about our latest air quality monitoring solution, follow the link below.