Part 1: Awair Omni Dashboard Updates

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September 29, 2019

We are very excited to announce updates to the Awair Omni Dashboard! The latest improvements are intended to simplify operations, provide greater insight into your Omni devices, and give you more control over how data is organized and shared within your organization. Below, we’ve detailed what to expect from the latest round of updates.

Simplified Organization Structure

We are introducing a new hierarchy within the Dashboard which will help you manage, search, and locate your Omnis more efficiently. 

Existing “Groups” in your Dashboard will be converted into “Locations.” Within each Location, you can now organize your devices by “Floor” (e.g. Lobby, Floor 1, Floor 2) to reflect how the devices are arranged within the building. This new organizational structure creates a direct association between Locations and Floors, allowing you to manage multiple Floors within a single Location.

Location Floors diagram

In addition to this change, we also created a new filtering feature which allows you to find and manage your devices more effectively. The new Location and Floor concept can be used to filter devices within a search. In addition to using these new criteria, you can also filter results by "Status" (Connected or Disconnected) to gain insight into your devices’ operational status. To streamline this process, you can apply multiple filters to a single search.


Expanded Roles and Permissions

In order to improve the utility and security of your Dashboard, we have expanded the level of access and permissions you can grant to a specific user. Current “Owners” and “Admins” will now become “Organization Managers.” 

Organization Managers have the same scope of permissions as current Owners. They can create new Locations and invite new "Location Managers" and "Location Members." They also have the ability to edit device settings, control user permissions, and remove users from an Organization.

Organization Managers diagram

Within this new role hierarchy, Location Managers are a step below Organizational Managers. Location Managers have the same permissions, but these permissions are limited to their specific Location. They can upload, manage, and view devices within their designated Location. They can also add new Location Members and Location Managers for their Location.

Existing Dashboard Members will become Location Members. Location Members have read-only access for the specific Location(s) to which they are assigned. 

Multiple levels of access can be assigned to a single user. For example, User A can be a Location Manager and/or Location Member in multiple locations.


Greater Insight and Control

The new “Device Management” section of your Dashboard provides more information about your Omnis.

From the Device Management menu, you can view:

In addition to these new features, we’ve added bulk editing capabilities. Simply select multiple devices to edit the LED display setting, Location, and Floor of the entire group or perform a bulk reboot or reset on devices on your WiFi network.

Consolidating Your Existing Organizations

If you currently have multiple Organizations, we encourage you to consolidate them into one Organization with multiple Locations. This will create a more scalable organizational structure and will allow you to manage all your devices and users with greater ease, clarity, and efficiency. 

We’re more than happy to help you consolidate your existing Organizations and answer any questions you may have. For additional support, reach out to us at

But wait...there's more!

To learn about the latest improvements to the device setup process, export interface, and alerting options, follow the link below.


  • Device Names
  • Location
  • Floor
  • LED Display Status
  • Network Name and Connectivity Status
  • Device ID and MAC Address