Awair + IFTTT — Customize Your Air!

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August 9, 2016

Tired of doing everything manually? Well, IFTTT can fix that. You can set up simple automated recipes to help make your life easier. For example, you can say, “if it rains, then give me a weather alert on my phone.”

We’re always trying to find new ways to help people control their environment in a healthier and more intuitive way. Based on that and the user feedback that we’ve received, we’re very excited to be one of the first partners to let users access the IFTTT recipes right from the Awair mobile app! Our integration allows you to create customized statements in our app to help better your air. For example, you could say, “if the temperature rises, then send me a slack alert”.

IFTTT’s CEO, Linden Tibbets, had the following to say about the integration: “Awair is an elegantly designed and thoughtful product. I have mine in the kitchen and love it! We are incredibly excited to have Awair on the IFTTT Platform and look forward to helping them extend their product in valuable new ways for their customers.”

After this launch we also realized that there are many more features we can add to Awair+. Things like telling the AC to turn off when it gets to the right temperature are simple triggers that still need to be perfected. But, we’re excited to continue to improve our product and partner with new companies to help make your home smarter.

Try out the IFTTT integration with Awair and let us know what you think! Do you have any cool recipes you think we should add? Or, are there other integrations that you think would make Awair even easier to use? If you’ve been using the integration send us pictures and videos. We love to learn more about how people are using our product!

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