Teaming Up To Improve Air Quality

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September 27, 2021

If you haven’t heard the latest news, PlanetWatch’s Ask Me Anything Session on September 1 introduced Awair Element as a newly approved Type 4 sensor for indoor air quality monitoring. PlanetWatch is a company that incentivizes environmental monitoring so residents can deploy and manage sensors in a fast and cost-effective way. 

Aligned with PlanetWatch’s mission, Awair is bringing indoor air quality (IAQ) information directly into people’s hands. Whether in the home or in the office, everyone should be able to live and breathe easier by accessing their air data. With a variety of factors impacting air quality, such as wildfires and COVID-19, now is the time for people to check if the places they are spending time are safe, healthy, comfortable, and pollution-free. 

Secure Your Awair Element

After PlanetWatch’s CEO Claudio Parrinello shared news of an exclusive discount for Awair Element, we sold out quickly. We are restocking and accepting orders to secure Awair Elements. Orders will be fulfilled as soon as possible. Check out the shipping timing and start measuring your home’s IAQ today. Our support page has the latest updates on order shipments, discount information, and more.

“We are proud to partner with PlanetWatch to empower new communities to monitor their indoor air quality,” said Dustin DeVan, Awair CEO. “It’s encouraging to see people tapping into their air quality data to live their best, healthiest lives. We all deserve access to clean air.”

Tracking the Invisible Factors 

For PlanetWatch members and others new to Awair Element, the device shows indoor air data in real-time. The five invisible environmental factors measured include temperature, humidity, CO2, TVOCs, and PM2.5. With the Awair Home App, you can access your air data from anywhere, even if you leave the house to run an errand. Tips appear in your notifications when air quality factors are deteriorating to show you how to improve your numbers. Oftentimes, it can be as simple as opening a window or door to improve the ventilation. With more people working from home than ever before, Awair Element provides peace of mind. Personalized insights and air data trends help to track your progress in maintaining a healthy indoor environment. 

If you are working in an office space, you might want to check out Awair Omni. This device measures the same five factors as Awair Element, but also tracks two other environmental factors: noise and light. As employees return, they can feel safer by knowing what the indoor air quality looks like now and in the future. Contact our Sales team today with any questions.

*Currently out of stock and orders after 9/17 will ship by Mid-November*