Introducing Awair Omni’s Hybrid Mode

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August 10, 2021

Get the best of both worlds

If you manage a building, then you know how powerful it is to have actionable, accurate data about your indoor air quality (IAQ).  Especially today with the focus on effective ventilation as a part of a COVID-19 prevention strategy.

As we return to work, employees, tenants, and customers want reassurance that the air they breathe is safe. Often, IAQ data is locked in a Building Management System (BMS) that only a select few can access or in discrete devices like thermostats in a conference room which doesn’t allow organizations to communicate their information. 

Awair allows that information to be shared via the Awair Dashboard. However,  if you were using Awair in BACnet mode - where the data feeds directly into the BMS - you didn’t have the opportunity to also view the data on the Awair Dashboard. 

To solve this challenge, we’re excited to announce Hybrid Mode - a new connectivity option for the Omni Pro Bundle that seamlessly combines BACnet and cloud connectivity. So, you can see your air quality data on both your local Building Management System (BMS) and your Awair Dashboard at the same time. 

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What is Hybrid Mode?

Hybrid Mode offers the best of both worlds while keeping your data secure. Awair Dashboard subscribers are able to access their IAQ data via:

BACnet - Your solution, your data
Integrate Awair sensors into your existing infrastructure to easily view your indoor air quality (IAQ) data within your BMS platform. With BACnet MS/TP data is transmitted over IP via its own isolated wiring/LAN.

Cloud Connectivity - Real-time insights and analytics
Dive into the rich data on the Awair Dashboard. Easy to use, the dashboard:

Data is transmitted via LAN/WAN Ethernet to our encrypted, cloud-based server.

Can I disable Cloud Connectivity?

Yes. The new dual connectivity options settings page allows you to enable/disable BACnet and/or Cloud. There are a number of combinations of settings available to meet your requirements. 

Already using BACnet? Take action today.

If you are currently using any configuration of BACnet and the Surface Mount connected to an IP network with internet access, the Omni will lose connection to the Surface Mount. In order to re-establish the connection, Omni must be updated to v1.5.0+. 

View the FAQ for complete details.

Help improve the air in your building and create a healthier environment for occupants

If you’re an Awair Dashboard subscriber, you can get the best of both worlds today. Contact Awair Support to get started. If you are not a current client or Dashboard subscriber, contact sales to learn how you can use Hybrid Mode.


  • Provides actionable data – compare device readings, see trends, and troubleshoot potential issues in real-time.
  • Simplifies device management – group and manage your devices by Organization, Location, and Floor to simplify operations and lend context to air quality readings.
  • Locates problem areas – upload floor plans to visualize where both your devices and problem areas are within your building.
  • Share your data – Display your current IAQ data to build trust in the return to offices.