November 19, 2019

High-Tech Monitor Meets Thrift, Style, and Simplicity

We’re constantly looking for ways to deliver cutting-edge air quality technology and insight without sacrificing accessibility or style. Our latest air quality monitoring solution delivers five essential air quality sensors in one intuitive, attractive, and affordable monitor.

Whether you’re shopping for the perfect holiday gift, committing to a healthy new year, or looking to make your smart home even smarter — Element has you covered.

Knowledge to Empower


Indoor air pollution tends to slip beneath the radar of our senses. Many common indoor pollutants are invisible and odorless, so we often don’t realize when we’re exposing ourselves to unnecessary health risks. And if we don’t know that a problem exists, we’re powerless to solve it. 

That’s where Awair Element comes in. 

Element tracks temperature, humidity, CO2, VOCs, and PM2.5 levels in your space and gives you real-time insight and recommendations to stay healthy — all from an easy-to-use smartphone app.

Actionable Insight at Your Fingertips

Awair App Main
Awair App Tips
Awair App Trend


The Awair app makes it easy to understand how your indoor activities are impacting your air quality and influencing the way you feel. View your air quality at a glance using the Awair Score, browse individual sensor readings, analyze trends, and receive recommendations to improve the health of your space.

Smart Assistant Integrations

Awair Plus app with Element copy

Element seamlessly integrates into smart assistant ecosystems and is compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and other devices.

To learn more about Awair Element and start taking control of the air you breathe by following the link below.