How The Air Triggers Eczema Flare-ups

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January 5, 2016

Many of us at Awair have experienced some form of eczema or have loved ones living with eczema, so we understand the importance of identifying and avoiding its triggers.

One of the more potent eczema triggers is also one that’s usually overlooked--our air. This is especially true for the air in our homes. Here are a few ways the air in your home could be affecting your eczema and causing flare-ups:  


The air in your home has more chemicals than you think. These chemicals are often referred to as VOCs--volatile organic compounds. VOCs can take the form of a variety of different chemicals, including Formaldehyde, Benzene, and Acetone. VOCs are virtually everywhere in your home: in paint, cleaning supplies, common household products, adhesives–even cribs and other furniture. Exposure to VOCs can damage your skin’s natural protective barrier, causing dry skin and inflammation. To learn more about VOCs--and what you can do to prevent them--visit our blog post here.


Dust in your home could be contributing to your eczema. Like VOCs, dust mites can irritate your skin by depleting its protective barrier, making way for a bacterial infection. A few common cleaning techniques to get rid of dust can sometimes do more harm than good. Find out more here.

Poor Ventilation

Indoor air can be five times more polluted than outdoors, so it is important to keep a flow of fresh air into your home as often as possible. Air that has been trapped indoors will be full of chemicals and dust, which will effectively cause eczema flare ups.


Where you live plays an important role in your skin’s health. Areas with harsh temperatures (such as humid summers and dry winters) will irritate your skin, and activities such as blasting your heater in the winter and air conditioning in the summer will cause dry skin and inflammation.

Know Your Air

Awair measures chemicals and toxins in your air and gives you the insight you need to create a healthier indoor environment. Find out how Awair can help you gain greater insight into your eczema triggers.