Hosting Over the Holidays? These 5 Tips Can Keep Your Guests Comfortable

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November 20, 2017

Many of us turn into full-time hosts as our loved ones trickle into town during the holidays. Creating a comfortable, welcoming space can sometimes feel overwhelming during this busy time of year--so why not have a little help from Glow?

Awair Glow tracks toxins and chemicals in your air and gives you personalized recommendations to help you stay safe and healthy. Glow can help you create a happy, healthy home by plugging directly into the wall and powering on your “non-smart” devices--heaters, fans, lights, and more--based on your needs.

The possibilities with Glow are endless, but to help you have an effortless holiday season we've rounded up our favorite "Hosting with Glow" tips:

Improve their quality of sleep

Long winter nights can get especially cold, causing temperatures to drop below what’s recommended for a good night’s sleep. To keep your guests warm throughout the night (without constantly running the heat), tell Glow to automate a heater when it notices temperatures dropping below 60°F in your guest room.

Alternatively, Glow can turn on the heater during the coldest time of day--just after sunrise--so your guests wake up warm and comfortable.

Keep your guests healthy

Cold winter air can be notoriously dry, which is an ideal environment for airborne germs to spread. To keep your guests healthy (and prevent viruses from spreading throughout your entire home), tell Glow to automate a humidifier if it notices the humidity in your home has dropped below 40%--healthy levels of humidity can help keep pathogens from spreading throughout your air.

Keep your guests safe

Cooking has been known to dramatically increase the level of chemicals in your air--sometimes to levels that could be unhealthy for you and your guests. You can accidentally add harmful chemicals, known as VOCs, to your air as oil grease from stovetop cooking or carbon monoxide from stove gas leaks into your air.

Exposing your guests to VOCs can lead them to have a variety of side effects, including dizziness, coughing and sneezing, headaches, nausea, sinus congestion, and irritated eyes, nose, throat, and skin. If your guests are asthmatic, elderly, or very young, they’ll be especially susceptible to the health effects of VOCs.

Keep your air fresh while you cook by telling Glow to power on a fan if your chemical levels reach too high--we recommend not letting them exceed 1,000 ppb.

Energize your Holiday Parties

If you plan on having a group of people over for a holiday party, you’ll risk bringing pounds of carbon dioxide into your home. Carbon dioxide is notorious for causing drowsiness, lack of concentration, and confusion--all of which could slow down any holiday get-together.

Each person exhales about 2.3 pounds of carbon dioxide every day, so if you’re planning to have a full house, it’s very possible your air could fill up with carbon dioxide very quick. Let Glow help you make sure there’s plenty of fresh air by automating a fan to spin for the duration of the party.

Surprise your guests

Give your guests extra holiday cheer with a small surprise light show. Glow’s motion sensor can turn on your holiday lights any time it notices you or a guest enter the room!