Part 2: Awair Omni Dashboard Updates

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September 29, 2019

We've updated the Awair Omni Dashboard! The latest changes are designed to streamline device set up, help you locate and export the data you need more efficiently, and customize your alert preferences. In this article, we've laid out everything you need to know about the latest Dashboard improvements.

Streamlined Device Setup

Our new setup process allows you to save time and simplify operations by setting up multiple devices at once.

app step 1


Step 1

To begin, choose whether the devices will be used in a personal or business capacity.

Choosing "personal" will delegate device management to the Awair smartphone app; choosing "Business" will add your devices to the Awair Dashboard (accessible via your desktop, laptop, or tablet).


app step 2


Step 2

Next, choose an existing organization that you'd like your new devices to belong to.

Once you've made your selection, all new devices will automatically be assigned to your chosen organization.



app step 3


Step 3

After you've identified your organization, you'll be prompted to go to the Awair Omni Dashboard on a desktop, laptop, or tablet to complete the device setup process.

In the Dashboard, you can name your new devices and assign them to a specific location, floor, and wifi network.


To learn more about device management, Dashboard organizational structure, and user roles and permissions, read this article.

Improved Export Interface

The latest export interface updates make it easier to create custom data queries and streamline your reporting efforts.

In the export menu, search by location, floor, and device status to locate specific devices that you'd like to pull data from.  Next, narrow your data query by choosing the time period and air quality factor(s) you're interested in. 


When you hit "export," a .CSV file will be created in your downloading queue. If you're pulling data from multiple devices, all the data in your query will download as zip file.  Once this file has downloaded successfully, unzip the file to view the individual .CSV files that were created for each device.

Custom Alerts & Notification Options

Our updated Alerting interface makes it easier to create custom alerts that are aligned with your organizational needs and preferences.

To create a new alert, navigate to the Alerting menu in the Awair Dashboard. Choose the device or devices that you'd like to create alerts for, and select specific air quality factors from the menu at the top of the screen.

When you click into a new air quality factor, a recommended alert threshold will appear based on your device's historical data. To change the alert threshold, simply drag the slider to your preferred value(s).


Because temperature and humidity can be problematic at both high and low extremes, these factors have two sliders to bracket an ideal range. Other factors will only have one slider to set a high alert threshold.

Once you're satisfied with your alert criteria, click "Next" to add recipients, name your alert, and choose between receiving real-time or daily alert emails.  A message will appear next to your email preferences indicating how many alerts you can expect to receive in 24 hours based on your alert criteria and device history.  You can use this estimation to inform your email preferences.


Have questions about these updates? We'd love to help. Reach out to us at for additional support.