Awair's iOS 14 Widgets Have Arrived!

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November 10, 2020

We're excited to announce the release of Awair's iOS 14 widgets! Our indoor air quality monitor, Awair Element, tracks temperature, humidity, CO2, VOCs, and PM2.5 levels in your space. Awair Home, our free app,  gives you real-time insight and recommendations to keep your indoor air healthy. And now, Awair's iOS 14 widgets make it even easier to see what is happening with your indoor air. 

What’s New?

Awair iOS 14 widgets  will specifically give you the ability to add your Awair Score, air factor values, and indexes to your Home Screen or Today View on your iOS device.

Awair Home App -iOS 14 Widgets

Adding Widgets to your Home Screen or Today View

What types of widgets are supported?

How often does the data update?

Awair Home App iOS 14 Awair Score Widgets-1

How can I change/select a device to be displayed in the widget?

  1. Add a widget
  2. Tap and hold the widget
  3. Tap “Edit Widget”
  4. A list of all devices you own should appear for you to be able to select one.
  5. If you have multiple devices, you can select which device to show up for the small/medium-sized widgets in the Awair Home app under Account Settings -> Widget.

Reference: “Edit your widgets” under

The Awair Home app is available for iOS or Android and is available for consumers/owners of Awair Indoor Air Quality monitors, such as Awair Element. Within the app itself, you can view your air quality at a glance using the Awair Score, browse individual sensor readings, analyze trends, and receive recommendations to improve the health of your space.

The iOS widgets, of course, require an iOS device. However, we are still building out new features within the app in general as well, so more to come!



  • Small - Awair score
  • Medium - Awair Score + factor values and indexes
  • Large - Awair Score + factor values and indexes for two devices