6 Glow C Smart Plug Holiday Hacks

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December 17, 2019

Awair Glow C has been retired. Monitor your indoor air with Awair Element.

Add a little magic to your holidays with these six seasonal Awair Glow C Smart Plug hacks.

1. Wake up to a Warm Beverage


Want to wake up to hot tea, coffee, or cocoa on demand but don’t want to shell out money for a high-tech machine? Plugging your old-but-faithful electric kettle or coffee maker into Glow C’s smart plug is an easy way to get the same ease and luxury for less. Use the Awair app to set a daily automation schedule based on your routine or simply control your kettle from bed with a touch of your finger.

2. Let There be Light

Christmas Tree Lights

The only thing sweeter than admiring your Christmas tree is being able to control the lights without fumbling through branches to find an outlet. Plugging your tree lights into your Glow C will give you the magic touch from anywhere. Turn the lights on and off on demand, set a schedule to illuminate your tree when you come home, and never fret over whether or not you turned the lights off after leaving the house again. 

3. Up the Coziness 

Heated Blanket-1

When it’s cold outside, a little extra warmth can provide some much needed comfort and relaxation. Plug a heated blanket into your Glow C and use the Awair app to turn it on right before bedtime and turn it off at your ideal interval.

4. Come Home to a Warm Meal


If you want to come home to a warm meal but don’t want to leave your crockpot on all day, plugging it into your Glow C is a great way to make sure your meal is ready on your schedule. Load up your crockpot with ingredients in the morning, then use the Awair app to turn it on from work or during your subway commute home.

5. Coddle Your Pet


Everyone deserves a little extra pampering during the holidays, even your pets. Colder days and shorter daylight hours usually mean less outdoor time and activity for your furry friend. 

If you usually get home after dark, plug a lamp into your Glow C to turn on a light at sundown, or remotely warm up a heating pad in their favorite spot.  

6. Ward Off Potential Intruders


Headed out of town for the holidays? Plug a lamp into your Glow C and set a daily schedule to keep up appearances.  

Have a Smarter Holiday

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