Innovation With Purpose

Awair was founded by longtime friends and colleagues, Ronald Ro, CEO, and Kevin Cho, CTO, in 2013. As new fathers, they united behind a common mission: using their engineering expertise to create a safer, healthier world for their children. Their flagship air quality monitor was designed to help people “see” the invisible factors that impact their health and empower them to take action to improve the air they breathe.
Today, Awair still operates under the founding principle that knowledge is power. As more studies confirm the serious health risks associated with air pollution, we have continued to focus on one area where everyone can have an immediate and measurable impact — indoor air quality.

Awair is proud to be a global leader in air quality monitoring and smart sensing technology. In addition to helping people around the world troubleshoot airborne pollution in their homes, Awair Omni has empowered organizations to safeguard occupant health and champion data-driven sustainability initiatives.


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